Summit of Evil

Woman told she was 6 weeks pregnant, given chemical abortion and delivers 6 lb. 4 ounce dead baby!

 AL. State Board of Health Suspends Summit Abortion Clinic License 5.17.06

Violation of Law by Alabama Abortion Industry Leads to Women Receiving
Misinformation, Injury and Death. The State of Alabama Is Called Upon To
Investigate, Enforce and Broaden Where Needed Health Care Standards for Abortion Clinics. Summits Medical License Must Be Revoked Permanently! 

Join us for Revocation hearing: 6.20.06. Al. Dept. Public Health, 9.00 AM
Contact Dr.Williamson: Thank for Suspension; Request Revocation of License.
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The most recent tragedy at Birmingham’s Summit Abortion Clinic, is just one among many in Alabama due to substandard, dangerous, and illegal health practices. According  the Alabama Department of Health, On Feb. 20th, a woman went to the Summit Abortion Clinic to consider her options regarding her pregnancy. She is given an ultrasound, evidently by unqualified personnel, who inform her she is 6 weeks pregnant. The woman makes a decision, based on this medical information (early pregnancy and legal in Alabama), that she will terminate this pregnancy. Personnel (not MD as required by law) begin to administer abortion chemicals (RU-486 protocols) that over time, will lead to the expulsion of a dead baby. It is reported that the Summit staff performed the abortion even though the woman’s blood pressure was so “critically and dangerously high that (it) indicated a need for immediate medical treatment.”

Next we hear of the woman she is “presented to the emergency room of a Birmingham hospital with the head of a baby protruding. While at the hospital, (she)…delivered a stillborn, macerated, six pound, four ounce baby.”  

Let me be clear, I am opposed to abortion whether 6 weeks (Summits ultrasound reading) or 8-9 months (a 6 lb. 4ounce baby) , but if abortion is legal in this State-what are the standards?  Who in these clinics should be giving ultrasounds, diagnosis and treatment? Is there a pattern of dangerous misdiagnosis, treatment, injury and death for women who have received services at these sites? How many injuries and deaths before merciful and just intervention on behalf of all women and children (at least the unborn children protected under current Alabama law which grants legal protection around 22-24 weeks gestation)?

This same, Summit Abortion Clinic, presented Dr. Malachy Dehenre (according to A.P. has performed 35,000 abortions) as their compassionate and caring abortionist. The Alabama Medical Licensure Commission indefinitely suspended his license (12.2.04) declaring him guilty of “gross malpractice.” He had perforated the uteruses of three women and caused the death of another-an Alabama woman who rushed her to an emergency room, where she perished about 15 hours after Dr. Dehenre aborted her baby. Yet, the Summit continued their kind of medical practice, resulting in the February 06 malpractice tragedy.

In my 26 years of Pro-life work in Birmingham, I know of scores of injured women and four who died soon after receiving the services of area abortion clinics. I and many others have tried to, “love mother and child both” and offer every possible resource to promote the protection and sanctity of life.

Alabama passed, The Women’s Right To Know Bill, but it seems clear by the facts of many cases, they are oblivious to the poor, dangerous, and illegal treatment they and their offspring are about to receive. To our good Governor, Attorney General, Legislators, Medical Licensure, Media, and all people of good will: Investigate, Enforce and Extend laws that will protect women and children from Abortion Mills like the Summit Abortion Clinic. Let us together, promote a culture of life that embraces all humanity.


Jim Pinto, Jr.
Founder Sanctity of Life Ministries
Pastoral Associate: Priests for Life

Join us for Revocation hearing: 6.20.06. Al. Dept. Public Health, 9.00AM
Contact: Dr.Williamson: Thank for Suspension; Request Revocation of License.
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